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How to make a paper box | origami box

There are ways to fold a paper box. Here, i will show you step by step of folding a lovely box with just a piece of paper. The box is easy to make, and great for your desk organized. Or you can use it as a gift box.

When i was young, i love to have one or two paper box next to me while reading. So that, i can put my snack in there, and eat when i am reading. The other box can be a little trash can. That is mean you can reuse wasted paper too. Saving the would, right!

What you need is a square paper and the following 8 steps. Let’s grab a paper and enjoy!

Tips : How to measure out a square paper?

Step 1 : Fold the paper into half. Then place paper with split side down.

Step 2 : Then fold both corners down as a triangle

Step 3 : Open the split side and close back into square like the following pictures

Step 4 : Next, fold the paper up into the middle. (Do it both sides.)

Step 5 : After that, fold up the plain side. Make sure to do the same both sides, so that you will have two plain sides out.

Step 6 : Once you have both plain side out, then fold the left and right corner into the middle. (Do the same both sides)

Step 7 : Fold up both the split sides to finish the last folding step.

Step 8 : Open up the box!


Looking for more! Watch the video below ☟

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