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Brewing Tea in China

มณฑลฝูเจี้ยน ถือว่าเป็นมณฑลที่มีชื่อเสียงในเรื่องของชามากๆ ในช่วงศตวรรษที่19 ฝูเจี้ยนเคยเป็นท่าส่งออกชาที่เยอะ และคับคั่งที่สุดของจีนอีกด้วย … Brewing Tea in China

Fujian is famous for tea (in the 19th century, Fuzhou was China’s busiest tea port) and you can get good tea almost anywhere. In fact, the English word “tea” was derived from its Minnan name. Try the tea eggs (茶葉蛋 cháyèdàn), hard boiled eggs cooked in tea, available on streets everywhere.

Like most of China, Fujian has quite a few locations for several large coffee chains, including UBC Coffee (上岛咖啡 shàngdǎo kāfēi), Ming Tien and SPR. It also has some good smaller chains, Blenz, Dawin and King Buck; these are usually cheaper.

As anywhere in China, beer is widely available. Hui Quan is a Fujian brand, a light palatable lager.Tieguanyin Tea (铁观音 Tiěguānyīn). (Name of a Godness) This tea is grown in Songlintou and Yaoyang in the Fujian Province. It is one of the cherished teas grown in Fujian.

White Tea. The white tea is grown in various regions of Fujian including the ShuiJie and Zhenghe counties. The white tea leaves have a unique shape. White tea is a little bit fermented tea with a mild flavor but leaves a sweet taste later.

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