About Faye

The Vessel

Traveling is all my dream.

Hello! My name is Faye. Currently a grad student at San Francisco State University at Chinese Language major. I was an intern preschool Chinese teacher in Thailand. I spend most of my time to study and learn skills for my hobbies.

Fai in Thai. I also have a Chinese name — 罗素妮.

If you are reading this that means you wanted to know more about me. I am a Thai-Chinese. Even there are technically only about 25% Chinese in my blood, but i am proud of whoever i am.

I think one day i would be an archaeologist, if i’m not too addicted of planting a veggie garden in Thailand.

I love to photograph, craft and learn new things. I’m not a web designer, but i learn to create my own website. I make my own notebook if i want one. I challenge myself to write this blog in English, and it is my 3rd language. For me, Learning happens every minutes. Except when we sleeping i guess 😀

I’m planning for myself, so that in the future i can travel freely and enjoy all the adventures and natures around the world.

There is a phrase that was really popular in China not many years ago say “世界这么大,我想出去看看” means the world is big, i wanna go out go and see it. This message went viral, because she was written this in her resignation letter. I believe that this message also effect to many of new gen in China, like it does to me.

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