About me

About me

I’m Faye

A perfect life is the life that make you happy

Hello! My name is Faye. Currently a grad student at San Francisco State University in Chinese Language major. I spend my time learning, experimenting on whatever i am interested in.

Also, i am an owner of Books bind Faye .

I created the website because i wanted to share some stories and experiences that could help all my Thai friends, but I will be writing more about everything for everyone now.

The Vessel

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If you still keep reading, i guess you wanted to know more about me. Here are some more, I was born in Thailand, lived in China before i moved to California in 2017. I speak Thai, Mandarin Chinese and English. I am 24 years old.

I one day dream to be an archaeologist if i am not too addicted of building a veggie garden in Thailand. However, before all these my goal is first to take care of my grandma right after i graduated.

I love to photograph, craft and learn new things. I’m not a web designer, but i learn to create my own website. I make my own notebook if i want one. I challenge myself to write this blog in English, and it is my 3rd language. So, if there is any mistake, feel free to correct me. That would be lovely!


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