Blur of Life

Because “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”


Welcome to Faye’s blur of life…

Have you ever wonder? Why we are here, or who we really are? Some of you may have a clear answer but for me — Things don’t have an exact answer.

…Unless it happened at the right time.

This blog is gathering all my interests, experiences and stories as a journey. And I believe that my stories would inspire some of you.

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Choose whatever topic on the site that you are interested, and have fun with it. Enjoy!

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Article for Thai

Q & A :

Why there are articles for Thai?

A : First of all, I am a Thai girl that lives in San Francisco. When I first started the blog, I only wrote in Thai. And most of the blog posts are useful information for Thai people that live in America. Besides, Many Thai people inbox me of how valuable those articles are. So I decided to keep doing it.

Where else i can follow you?

A : You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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